How Long Do Sugar Gliders Live?

Sugar Glider Life Span

Sugar gliders are tiny and delightful little marsupials that make excellent pets under the right conditions. Those ‘right’ conditions will also determine how long this unusual and entertaining pet will live. So how long do sugar gliders live? Sugar gliders can live in captivity anywhere from 5 to 15 years, so you can see how the living conditions greatly influence the lifespan of the tiny marsupial. Let’s look at the conditional which can increase and decrease the longevity of a sugar glider.
Proper Diet
fruits for sugar glidersFeeding your sugar glider a proper diet through his or her lifetime will adds years to the life expectancy. A well-balanced diet that consists of plenty of specific liquids and foods. Sugar gliders have very small stomachs and need access to a constant supply of liquids to keep them well-hydrated and healthy. Gatorade and apple juice, along with some water will prevent them from dehydrating and having any health issues relating to not getting enough liquids throughout the day.

The proper food diet consists of five main ingredients – A special formulation of pelletized food that is rich in specific nutrients which are vital for the health of a sugar glider. A special gravy formula that also contains specific nutrients needed by the tiny marsupials, in addition to adding flavor and moisture to the pelletized food. Apples, bread and yogurt finish up the five main sources of food found in a proper diet needed for the health and well-being of a sugar glider. If these daily dietary requirement are met, the sugar glider will live towards the high end of the life expectancy. However, there are certain foods which will shorten the life span of the marsupial too.

Un-Proper Diet
Apples and other fresh fruits and vegetables that are not grown under 100% organic conditions contain chemicals. Even trace amounts of pest-killing chemicals left on fresh fruits and vegetables can prove to be fatal for a tiny sugar glider.
Salt, sugar, fat, cheese, ice cream, chocolate and raw meats are part of an un-proper diet and should never be fed to a sugar glider. Just as these foods shorten the life expectancy of humans, they also do for a marsupial.

Having Two Intact Males
If two intact males are placed in a cage together, in all probability one of them will not live to be the ripe old age of 15.
Intact male sugar gliders will fight to the death, even when no female is in the cage with them. To increase a male’s lifespan, have the male neutered. Even after the procedure, two neutered males in the same cage may fight. To increase the life expectancy and keep peace in the cage, it’s always a good idea to have two sugar gliders, but you have to be careful with the pairing. Choose a neutered male and female pair or a female and female pair to be cage mates for best results.

sugar glider companionshipCompanionship will increase the life span of a sugar glider. They are highly social animals and crave to be with their ‘person’ on a daily basis. The extent of their need for companionship can result in premature death from loneliness if their companionship needs are not met by you and/or another pet.
Plan to devote at least one hour of bonding time a day to your sugar glider to keep it happy, healthy and living as long as possible. Having a pair of sugar gliders will help promote a long and happy life for both of them, but both will still need regular human companionship.



Prevent Depression
sugar glider depressionSugar gliders can develop depression just like a human. Typically the depression stems from lack of companionship, but can have other causes too. Depression will shorten their lifespan because a depressed sugar glider will stop eating and sometimes resort to self-mutilation.
Prevent depression by spending enough time each day with your tiny marsupial and make sure they are eating and drinking enough.
Signs of sugar glider depression include loss of appetite, not drinking enough liquids, being still for long periods of time during their normal play time and barking that stops when you pick them up.

Happy IS Healthy
A happy sugar glider is a healthy sugar glider and happy one will live the longest. The main thing needed to keep them happy is to keep them with you as much as possible. Sugar gliders crave to be near their ‘person’ at all times and since they are so small and easy to care for, putting them in your pocket and taking them with you everywhere you go will increase their lifespan.

The small amount of food they eat each day can be carried in one pocket while your little pet rides along with you in the other pocket. A bottle lid makes a perfect sized drinking bowl and holding your marsupial over a sink every couple of hours will take care of your pet’s bathroom needs.

How long Can Sugar Gliders Live?

They can live up to 15 years with the proper diet, exercise and love.