Can Sugar Gliders Eat Honey?

Are you looking for healthy sweet options for your sugar glider?

is honey safe for sugar gliders

Sugar Gliders are true to their names and love sugar. 

But, it is your duty as a responsible sugar glider keeper to ensure that your furry little bundle of joy gets the best nutrition.

So, you’ve got to ensure that your sugar glider doesn’t have anything in excess, particularly sugar.

An excess of sugar is harmful to humans, and the same holds for sugar babies. 

In this post, we will answer the question, “Can sugar gliders eat honey?” in as much detail as we can. 

is it risky for sugar gliders to eat honey

So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

Can Sugar Gliders Eat Honey? Here’s the Answer… 

Humans have used honey as food and as medicine for ages. 

It is rich in various important antioxidants, including flavonoids and organic acids. Studies suggest that honey increases the antioxidants in your blood. 

So, in moderation, honey is healthy. 

However, it 78-80% sugar. This means that too much honey may not be healthy for your sugar baby to consume.


So, even if your sugar glider would love to eat honey all day, every day, you need to ensure that you don’t give him too much of it.

While honey does contain nutrients, it simply isn’t sufficient to meet all of your sugar baby’s nutritional needs. 

So, a well-balanced diet is crucial. You can give your sugar baby small amounts of honey as dessert! 

Final Words: The Do's and Don’ts About Feeding Honey To Sugar Gliders

A tablespoon of honey may feel like a small amount to you, but for your sugar glider, it’d be too much!

sugar glider eating in hole

Sugar gliders are small animals, which means that a two to four drops of honey will be more than enough to satisfy their sweet tooth.

In fact, you can use honey to train your little friend and reinforce good behavior! 

While honey is generally safe for sugar gliders to consume, you should pay close attention to the form as well. 

Do not feed raw or uncooked honey as it contains a lot of impurities that can put them at risk. 

honey in jars

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