Can Sugar Gliders Eat Peanut Butter?

Do you feel like sharing your favorite snack with your best friend pet sugar glider?

is peanut butters safe for sugar gliders

Imagine how boring it must be to eat the same thing again and again. 

If you keep feeding your sugar glider packaged feed all the time, he’d eventually get bored and won’t be interested in eating it until he’s extremely hungry.

This is one of the reasons why you should include multiple foods in your furbaby’s diet

However, not everything is safe for humans may be safe for your sugar baby to consume. 

group of sugar gliders sleeping

So, you should always make it a point to look a food up before feeding it to your furry friend. 

In this article, we will answer the question, “Can sugar gliders eat peanut butter?” in detail. 

Let’s get started. 

Can Sugar Gliders Eat Peanut Butter? Let’s Figure it Out!

Peanut Butter is, no doubt, an excellent source of protein

When you’re bulking up and building muscle, peanut butter is a great and yummy addition to your diet.

peanut butter healthy for sugar gliders

However, it may not sit very well with your tiny little marsupial.

 Sugar gliders, particularly those younger than six months, need a high source of protein. 

To meet those needs, we suggest that you feed them cooked meat and boiled eggs instead of peanut butter as they are much healthier alternatives. 

We also suggest Vitakraft VitaSmart Sugar Glider Food packed with protein!

The thing is that peanut butter you find at the supermarket contains high amounts of preservatives, chemicals, added salts, etc. to ensure longer shelf life.

alternative peanut butter options for sugar gliders

While these ingredients are safe for humans, they might not be the safest option for your furry friend. 

Fresh peanut butter, like the kind you can get at Whole Foods, is safe for your sugar baby. 

But, do keep in mind the fact that peanut butter contains a lot of oil and hydrogenated vegetable fats that can make your sugar glider pile on the pounds. 

Roasted peanuts might not sit well with your glider’s intestines.

What Can You give Instead? Peanut Butter Substitutes For Your Sugar Gliders

They are way healthier and better options for treats!

Other healthy treats for your sugar gliders include dry cereals, popcorn, p​​​​​op tarts, yogurt drops, etc.

These not only supplement the balanced diet that your sugar glider needs but also add variation to your cute pet’s diet.

You’ll have the added benefit of watching your sugar glider deal with each of these differently. 

sugar glider hanging from blanket

That is entertainment of its own!

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