How Much Are Sugar Gliders?

How much does a sugar glider cost?

Some interesting facts about sugar gliders

how many sugar gliders could fit in a pouch

Sugar glider is a lovely small animal (much like a hamster) but with additional qualities of the kangaroo family.

These trending pets are tiny enough to fit in your palm and a small pouch grouped among marsupials (those mammals which raise their offspring in their body pouch, like a kangaroo).

They are fast gaining popularity as a preferred family pet in households all over the world.

Sugar gliders are harmless creatures with resemblance to a flying squirrel.

These exotic little animals are native to Australia, New Guinea, Tasmania and Indonesia.

sugar glider eyes

With a soft and thick velvety skin, they sleep mostly through the day and get active only by the night.

Where and how can they be bought?

With such an adorable appearance and friendly disposition, it’s no wonder they are a sought after pet for exotic pet seekers.

They are not hard to find and there would always be a source close by if you seeking to pet one.

Like all other pets there are three sources from where you can buy a sugar glider. It can be a local pets shop, a breeder or an online store.

sugar gliders in pouch

There are pros and cons of each of these sources. Here is a little run down of how and why you may select one of these sources.

Here Are Your Options When buying a Sugar Glider

  • Buying from a local pet’s store: Buying from a local store or a pet shop is the most recommended choice for anyone who wishes to own a sugar glider. These pet shops are a trustworthy source since they specialize in the pets business.

The most overwhelming advantage of buying from a pets shop is that you can see, feel and touch the pet before deciding to purchase it.

two-sugar gliders in small pouch

You can also make an individual selection from a number of sugar gliders available.

The only disadvantage is the inconvenience you might have to face by travelling all the way to a store to buy your pet (if you don’t have one nearby).

The stores may also charge you higher in comparison to a private seller, breeder or online store.

  • Buying from a local breeder: A local breeder may be a farmer who breeds Sugar Gliders or merely a lonely couple who bought a pair and subsequently end up with loads of home bred sugar gliders. Such people may want to get rid of the animals that are getting invasive. They may offer lower prices to attract customers and get rid of their excess pets. Sugar gliders from such sources are usually well cared (as the owners care for them as a pet and not a commodity).
  • From online pet shops: Many online pet shops offer sugar gliders to interested buyers with free shipping and delivery options. Your ordered pet may be harmed in the shipping and delivery process but this is a rare happening. This mode of buying a sugar glider has the advantage of home delivery (though the prices may be slightly higher in this case). You may have the disadvantage of seeing the quality and health of your pet only upon delivery.

How Much Does A Sugar Glider Cost? 

The rate may vary depending upon from where you are buying, health and quality of animal.

sugar glider hanging from blanket

However, these rates would generally apply:

  • Baby Glider: $200-500
  • Grown up Glider: $100-150
  • Luxurious and pure white: $225-1500


  • Adult gliders are cheaper for the reason of their inability to respond to owner training.
  • A fluffy tail and bright eyes would hint at the health of the animal.
  • If you are buying from a store then don’t forget to ask for a business license to discourage poaching.
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